Engraved Cutting Board with Recipe or Handwriting

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Our Laser-Engraved Cutting Boards with a handwritten or typed family recipe or note will be a priceless gift for the one receiving it!  

The cutting board is made from quality, natural bamboo wood.  Because of this and the grain of the wood, there will be some differences in the colors, and the engraving will be light in some areas and dark in others. And because of this, refunds cannot be issued or a board cannot be remade for custom items.

Board Details:
Small:  5.5x7.5"
Medium:  8.5x11"
Large:  9.5x13.5"
Laser Engraved
Material:  Bamboo

* Scan the recipe or handwritten note.
* OR take a clear picture in a well-lit area without any shadows.
* Email picture of your recipe or handwritten note to initiallyblessed@gmail.com

Our standard orientation is as shown in our picture (vertical, with the handle at the top).  If you would like your recipe to be horizontally engraved (the handle at the side), please specifically request this in your email.

Your cutting board will be shipped USPS Priority Mail.

Current Processing and turnaround time:  1-2 weeks